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Terms and Conditions
First: The site is committed to the customer as follows:
1. Not to disclose any information relating to the customer, directly or indirectly.
2. Exerting the necessary care in accordance with professional principles and customs in providing Sharia and legal advice, and in a manner that serves the interests of the client and the right side it shows.
3. The role of the site is limited to providing or formulating electronic advice only, and does not cover the services of judicial and procedural representation before any governmental or private entity inside or outside the Kingdom, unless the client chooses the service. (pleasure).
4. The site is committed to providing the service to the customer for a maximum period of starting with completing the requirements. (10 days) You begin by completing the requirements.
Second: The customer is obligated to the site as follows:
1. Provide the signer with all documents that prove the validity of his claim.
2. The validity of the data and documents that it provides to the site, and the site does not bear any consequences if the contrary is proven.
3. The site is not required to return copies of electronic documents that have been sent.
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