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Who are we: Muath Advocates, Legal Consultations and Arbitration website?

A Saudi website that provides all oral and written legal advice in a simple interactive way and without the need for contact or personal attendance at the office, and our clients are answered and answered through an integrated legal team that includes an elite group of lawyers and consultants with experience and professional competence in all legal disciplines.

In addition to drafting and editing all lawsuit papers, memoranda, and objectionable regulations, pleading and representing our clients in all types of cases, studying and presenting them to them in a legal, modern and transparent nature in accordance with professional principles and customs, at an appropriate cost and competitively accessible to all, with the possibility of drafting all contracts in a manner that serves the interests of the client, his rights and the right destination that it shows and supports. documents in his possession.

Our vision and mission

Our vision

Pleading and defending the truthful word for the sake of truth, adhering to the application of the principles of Islamic legitimacy and legal systems in a manner that serves social justice in all its forms.

Our mission

The legal profession is a message of truth, a tool of justice and equality, and the energy of light in the face of darkness and access to truth. Our system works to provide all its legal services with honesty and sincerity in order for our clients to reach the truth in the fastest and easiest way, effort and cost, and in accordance with the principles and professional norms within the framework of Islamic Sharia and legal systems, and we work to harness all our efforts To gain the confidence and satisfaction of our customers and preserve their rights and interests by achieving the best results to build strong and long-term relationships.

Our Features


An integrated legal work team that is scientifically and practically qualified to practice the legal profession with accuracy, professionalism and high professionalism.

The speed

Completing all legal services and requests and submitting them to our clients on time.

Reliability and reliability

Providing all our legal work and services under the supervision of an office licensed to practice the legal profession by the Saudi Ministry of Justice and the Saudi Lawyers Association (License No. 431282)


Your legal transactions are completely safe and confidential.

Our services

Editing case papers and answer notes

Preparing all electronic lawsuit papers and judicial memoranda and responding and answering them, and we are pleased to serve you in writing and legal drafting to make it easier for you to submit them to all courts and government agencies, including, for example: (general courts - commercial courts - administrative courts - labor courts - judicial and semi-judicial committees).

International Arbitration and Mediation

The work team includes a selection of arbitrators and mediators accredited by the Saudi Center for Commercial Arbitration, who are authorized to settle international arbitration disputes and cases, and to provide services to companies and individuals in a professional, transparent and fast manner by the best possible means.

Writing regulations objecting to judgments

This service is provided by the office to its clients and includes writing, submitting and explaining the objection regulations to the initial judicial rulings issued during the period specified for the objection in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Legal advice

Our site provides legal opinion and advice to its clients honestly and transparently, based on what we do of careful analysis and thorough study of the documents and the accompanying written or audible statements from the counsel requester, which entails providing the maximum degree of protection for the rights of clients from individuals, companies and institutions, informing the client of his rights and obligations, and assisting him To understand the correct action that can be taken.

Execution of commercial papers and executive bonds

Commercial papers mean (checks - promissory notes - promissory notes) and the term for these papers guarantees all financial and commercial transactions between companies, institutions and individuals. Issued by the authorities authorized to do so or approved by the courts, contracts and documented documents, ordinary papers whose content is acknowledged, and contracts and other papers that have the force of an execution deed according to the regulations. .

Personal status issues, division and liquidation of estates

The office provides this service to its clients by providing all legal works and services on family issues and disputes of all kinds arising from the marriage contract, death and inheritance, providing all legal terminations, inventorying and dividing the inheritances, liquidating them and distributing them to their eligible heirs according to the legal shares, regulations and procedures.

documentation work

The office provides its clients with the service of documenting all civil and commercial contracts, all papers and agreements, issuing and dissolving legal agencies of all kinds, documenting the sale and emptying of real estate through notaries accredited by the Ministry of Justice, while maintaining the confidentiality of information and documents and respecting the privacy of any document issued in the office.

Petition or veto

This service is concerned with the ability of the office to submit a request for a petition or annulment of the judgments that have acquired the final status, if the judgment issued against him considers that he has a right and in accordance with the laws, regulations and cases considered legal and judicial.

Pleading in cases and disputes of all kinds

This service includes that the office represents its clients on their behalf in initiating cases, attending sessions and investigations, and the consequent pleadings and discussions before all courts of the Kingdom of all kinds, the Public Prosecution, judicial and non-judicial bodies, specialized committees, arbitration bodies, labor system disputes, workers and other governmental and non-governmental bodies and institutions. governmental.

Companies services

This service is provided by the office to its clients of companies, institutions and individuals since the first step in the correct selection of the legal entity according to the business of companies, and provides them with the correct choice of the type of company and the procedures for its establishment, opening branches and representative offices for it, and providing legal support in all corporate and commercial transactions from the stage of establishment to the solution and liquidation, including the drafting of contracts, and we support our clients through corporate governance and structuring in accordance with legal regulations.

Mediation and reconciliation

Our office is characterized in mediation and reconciliation work with professionalism and practical experience, by playing the role of a neutral party, mediator and reconciler in disputes between companies and individuals, family disputes, and family disputes, and reaching a satisfactory settlement for all parties with impartiality, integrity and complete confidentiality.

Remote electronic litigation and litigation service

As a complement to the Saudi Ministry of Justice providing the service of litigation and litigation remotely, the office seeks to represent its clients in all cases and to provide all responses and response memos to the cases considered in all courts in the Kingdom by pleading and attending sessions through the video calling service remotely, and the client can attend its sessions In specialized sections in the office after explaining the case to him.

Contract drafting and review

Our site is characterized by a team that qualifies it to prepare and draft all types of civil, commercial and administrative contracts, both parts (international and internal), review and negotiate with others (direct and indirect according to the client’s request) regarding their terms and requirements and develop solutions and proposals regarding the legitimate and legal problems that impede their implementation, including for example :

civil contracts

Sale - rent - real estate - contracting and subcontracting - work - agency - deposit - guard - surety - general construction

commercial contracts

Agencies, names, trademarks and sales - companies of all kinds - commercial mortgage - guarantee - transfer - investment financing - supply

Administrative Contracts

Drafting or reviewing contracts concluded by the site’s clients with government agencies, participating in negotiations (according to the client’s desire) before concluding them, trying to solve problems that obstruct their implementation and claiming the rights arising from them.

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